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Your New Gold Coast Maternity Photographer

Hey Sunny Soul-Mamas!

Wow it's been an epic adventure the last week - a 20 hour drive with caravan and family in tow, an amazing christmas eve / christmas morning here in northern Gold Coast Suburbs followed by a...tornado. Yes, thats right - a tornado! A tornado ripped through the Gold Coast and I have never seen anything like it!

I hope that, if you are reading this you weren't too affected by the event and you are up and running with power again. It was truely sad to walk through the park that only hours before was absolutely pristine - to see huge, beautiful trees literally ripped out from their roots. But, the recovery team and council did an outstanding job - and by New Years Eve the place was looking (almost) new again.

Uprooted Tree after the Xmas Day Tornado in Gold Coast
Uprooted Tree after the Xmas Day Tornado in Gold Coast

So, with that being said I'd like to introduce myself to all the new Mamas that find themselves these ways. Hi! I'm Sera and I'm really excited to meet you all. I'm a maternity and newborn photographer in the Gold Coast (Fresh and New!) and am an expert in the field of in-home newborn photography.

What makes an expert? Well 10,000 hours apparently.

I started back when my own daughter was a year old, photographing the babies in my local mothers group then slowing expanding my business and skills from there. Over the last 11 years, I have worked in various studios in Melbourne, have photographed thousands of babies and families and enjoyed every second of it.

I'm on a pretty important mission - to get you in front of my camera. Because I know, that in your camera roll you might be lucky if you have one, mayyybeee two photos of you and your beautiful children that you mighhhttt deem worthy enough to post on social media.

But let me tell you now, 10 years on after having my own girl I only wish I had some beautiful images of me and her to look back on. Our earliest times together are catalogued by selfies, and dated filters. More about my terrible pregnancy photos here.

Maternity and newborn photography is a special gift to yourself and your new baby, and you will never regret having these photos in your life.

So get comfortable Mama! Have a look around. You can drop me a line here if you have a question or want to know a bit more about how I can help you look and feel your best at your session.

Thank you for having me in your beautiful Gold Coast city - I'm so happy to be here x


Sera Williamson is a Gold Coast based family photographer that specialises in maternity and newborn photography for first time parents.

She has been working as a professional newborn and baby photographer for 9 years, in various studios and within her own business as an in-home baby photographer.

Recently, Soul Mama Photography has relocated taking the popular in-home newborn photography to the Gold Coast Region - settling in the beautiful area of Paradise Point!

Sera travels for mobile Newborn Photography and Outdoor Maternity Photography and & is serving the entire Gold Coast area and has been called the best Newborn Photographer in Australia!

To book or enquire about a Gold Coast maternity photoshoot or In-home newborn photoshoot enquire here!

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