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Melbourne Baby Moon in the Gold Coast

Oooh Mama! You are having a baby and guess what? You get to have a baby-moon!

A cute reference to the Honey-Moon that many have after they first get married. The baby moon is a similar vibe in which the newly expectant parents (aka you and your partner!) spend a bit of special time together before your new arrival lands earthside.

What an awesome excuse to go somewhere exotic...warm...with beautiful beaches and friendly people! You know what I'm suggesting - come up and experience your baby-moon on the Gold Coast!

Take it from me, a newly arrived gal from the chilly depths of Victoria. It is such a lovely place to visit. I'm still learning new places and exploring but after my bicycle ride today I thought I would share a couple of awesome places you could check out.

1. Runaway Bay - Northern Gold Coast Area

Runaway bay is a darling little beachside area with plenty of easy access to shops, calm beaches and lovely eateries. Not too mention close to Paradise Point which has a lovely strip of shops, quiet beachside vibe - think a brighter Altona circa 2018. Both a 10 minute drive to Harbour Town Outlet Stores where you can get all your last minute baby things. I went there last week - there is an amazing fruit & vege shop there and a really great variety of shops. Probably a bit like DFO in Southbank - but has an outdoorsy feel and the air-conditioning is Chefs Kiss!

2. Southport

Just a bit further down you'll find Southport and the reason why I liked it was the beach was calm and quiet. There is an incredible water park if you have other small children and a inflatable water park on the water for older kids - equipped with a cafe right beside for you to pop your feet up and have a cuppa. From here, you can access Sea World pretty easily by car, Surfers and get down to Pacific Fair - which is a big old Chadstone waiting to gobble up all your travel money! There are a-lot of high rise apartments in which Im sure there is a plethora of accomodation options too. A bit quieter than Surfers but you'll feel like you have gone away for sure.

2. Burleigh Heads - Southern Gold Coast Area

Burleigh would of been the place I would of chosen to live (and still might do) if my child's school wasn't so far away! Its a bustling mecca of people, boutique shops great beaches and a bit more in terms of public transport. I'd liken Burleigh Heads to Brighton or maybe Elwood. There is still a bit of a cultural cool vibe here that is really great to visit. I'd recommend Govindas' vegetarian cafe the amazing candle shop and organic food store as must sees. There is also a Bamboo clothing shop with has the stretchiest, softest clothes your expanding belly will just love. The pottery / art gallery is lovely.

3. Currumbin - Southern Gold Coast

I love this place, great beaches cafes and surf. Not that you will be on a surfboard this time Mama! But your partner might like to check out a surf lesson with Curumbin Alley Surf School (I recommend) while you soak up some rays on the beach. A beautiful spot to take photographs in the evening. Also this area is close for day trip to Springbrook falls - make sure you drive up to the fudge shop & check out the little cafe to support the locals.

4. Surfers Paradise

Not for the faint hearted Mama, if you are looking for endless food places, shopping, nightlight (Street performers, markets and lots of tourists!) this is a great place for you. The beach is beautiful and you can walk everywhere for good coffee and even more importantly deserts!

Surfers is the tourist mecca of the Gold Coast, so if you are looking for a quieter way to celebrate your maternity baby moon then perhaps try the quieter places above.

Ill keep updating my list as I find new places that might be of interest for your Gold Coast BabyMoon, and remember - If you want to make this trip away really (literally) unforgettable give me a call and I'll organise something really special for you, for your maternity photoshoot in the gold coast. The water is warm in summer and from what I hear - pretty bearable in the spring. A nice way to get a bit of sun yourself before your big due date

xo Sera


Sera Williamson is a Gold Coast based family photographer that specialises in maternity and newborn photography for first time parents.

She has been working as a professional newborn and baby photographer for 9 years, in various studios and within her own business as an in-home baby photographer.

Recently, Soul Mama Photography has relocated taking the popular in-home newborn photography to the Gold Coast Region - settling in the beautiful area of Paradise Point!

Sera travels for mobile Newborn Photography and Outdoor Maternity Photography and & is serving the entire Gold Coast area and has been called the best Newborn Photographer in Australia!

To book or enquire about a Gold Coast maternity photoshoot or In-home newborn photoshoot enquire here!

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Mar 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This girl is so underrated, photos are BEAUTIFUL.

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