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What To Wear For your Gold Coast Maternity Beach Photo Shoot!

Hey Mamas,

So let's have a quick run down about the Gold Coast beach photoshoot and what are some good tips about how to prepare & what to wear for your maternity session.

First of all, I do like to try and get two - three different looks for you so that you have a gallery of 40 photos that have plenty of variety and don't all look the same.

To get warmed up I suggest a maxi dress. Usually in white or light pastel colours as these tend to suit my editing style and the surrounding colour palettes perfectly. For example, in the photo to the left the whites compliment the greens and light pastels of the sky. If you were wearing a bright red dress it would probably clash. Colours and textures of your outfits are the most important thing.

In terms of fabrics, you want to be wearing items that feel comfortable but don't crease too much or are too restrictive. Stretchy jersey knit fitted dresses are great for showing off your bump, being comfortable and looking great on camera. I have a couple of these in my client closet because of this very reason.

Your Gold Coast Maternity photography session should be fun and relaxing - comfortable clothing is the most important element of that!

Then, perhaps a more casual look, with a two piece bikini or crop top and bottom set looks great with the surroundings and to show off that gorgeous bump of yours! I have a selection of kimonos and throw-overs that work really well with this look.

Then, if you are ready to get into the water with me we will take some last shots of you (And partner) together in the water. These photos are always spectacular are really showcase the connection between the two of you.

Always bring a robe, towels, change of clothes for everyone and thongs to your maternity beach session. You want to go home dry and comfortable, not with wet seats and squishy shoes!

A few ideas for your gold coast beach maternity session. Have a look here if you want to get some ideas an inspiration for your shoot or contact me here if you have a question!

Love Always xo



Sera Williamson is a Gold Coast based family photographer that specialises in maternity and newborn photography for first time parents.

She has been working as a professional newborn and baby photographer for 9 years, in various studios and within her own business as an in-home baby photographer.

Recently, Soul Mama Photography has relocated taking the popular in-home newborn photography to the Gold Coast Region - settling in the beautiful area of Paradise Point!

Sera travels for mobile Newborn Photography and Outdoor Maternity Photography and & is serving the entire Gold Coast area and has been called the best Newborn Photographer in Australia!

To book or enquire about a Gold Coast maternity photoshoot or In-home newborn photoshoot enquire here!

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