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Why You Don't Want Your Newborn Photographers RAW Files

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Newborn Baby Photoshoot In Point Cook Melbourne
Over-sized, Bland and often not very nice looking RAW files are actually only a tiny piece of the pie

Often us Photographers (Which will be referred to the affectional title as 'Togs' for the duration of this article) will get a request for RAW files from our customers in order to have a copy all of the images from their newborn photography session.

Well I am here is dispel the myth of the RAW file and why you as a client DO NOT want these in your life.

I'd like you to think of your final edited delivered image, as a gourmet meal at a fine-dining restaurant. The restaurant is not your local Grill'd or Nandos, it is a high end luxurious dining experience that (for most of us) you wouldn't partake in often.

You are invested, in the whole experience. The service, the surroundings, the hours upon hours of preparation before you even book in and of course the actual meal..paired with a fine wine of course!

Perhaps a friend referred you and told you you simply had to go to this place - that it was sensational and that you would love it and it's worth Every. Single. Cent.

Now a RAW file to a Tog, is one of a bunch of ingredients to a Chef.

It is:

  • The Professional Knives & Kitchen Equipment - Professional Camera, Lighting & Lens

  • The Education - Chef School vs Photography School or Industry Experience

  • The Actual Ingredients - Food items vs Custom Outfits, Props & Digital Negatives (RAWS)

  • The Presentation - The Textures & Colours chosen and Styled for Visual Impact

  • The Execution - Cooking vs Editing

You get the idea.

So, asking for RAW files from a Tog - is literally like walking into your fine dining restaurant and only wanting an ingredient for the meal you ordered.

"I'll Take the Eggplant Parmigiana, but I only want the Eggplant"

The worst thing, about RAW files too is not only that they usually don't look ANYTHING like the final edited image they are HUGE. I'm talking at least 25 mb each and because they are generally saved in an NEF format - most of your mobile phone apps that you might use to self-edit the RAWS probably won't support this format. You would need to invest in a program like Adobe Photoshop or similar (which itself is a machine that needs hours and hours of time invested to learn how to use).

It's also about Quality vs Quantity.

When you book in at your high-end restaurant, often you won't get huge takeaway joint sized portions - which is often a common complaint about visiting such establishments like these. But, It is all about the quality. The taste, texture, smell, vibe and again overall experience.

In our digital world of today you only have to have a quick glance through your camera roll to see hundred if not thousands of photos mixed with screenshots and other digital paraphernalia. When it comes to professional newborn photography in Melbourne I promise you more.... is not more.

A small package of beautifully presented newborn photographs that you absolutely love and adore means you will get them printed and display them thoughtfully in your home. The lack of overwhelm at having to choose your top 3 or 4 to display out of 80-100 images (Raw or Edited) means that they are more likely to end up in the digital feed off your camera roll, soon forgotten.

So let's take a quick look at this before and after just to really illustrate why you don't really want your Tog's Raw Files from your Newborn Baby Photography Shoot.

As you can see, the image on the left (top on your phone) is a newborn baby photo straight out of my camera. It's yellow, dark and murky. The image on the right (or bottom on your phone) - is the finished product.

Which one would you rather print? The Eggplant? Or the Eggplant Parmigiana?

Let your artist create your newborn photos (or any photography service) what your 5 star chef would create for you in the Michelin kitchen, and remember quality over quantity for professional newborn photography - always

Love, Sera x


Sera Williamson is a Gold Coast based family photographer that specialises in maternity and newborn photography for first time parents.

She has been working as a professional newborn and baby photographer for 9 years, in various studios and within her own business as an in-home baby photographer.

Recently, Soul Mama Photography has relocated taking the popular in-home newborn photography to the Gold Coast Region - settling in the beautiful area of Paradise Point!

Sera travels for mobile Newborn Photography and Outdoor Maternity Photography and & is serving the entire Gold Coast area and has been called the best Newborn Photographer in Australia!

To book or enquire about a Gold Coast maternity photoshoot or In-home newborn photoshoot enquire here!

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