How To Prepare For A Studio Newborn Family Photoshoot

Preparing for your studio newborn photoshoot in Melbourne is an easy - just follow the 5 steps I have set out below and you and your family will be ready to go!


Let's start with your dream family photos. What do they look like? Do you prefer lighter neutrals and whites like this shot? Or do you prefer dark and moody photography? Maybe a bit of both? It's really helpful to start with telling your newborn photographer a bit about your vision for the newborn photography session.

For example, when you book a newborn photography photoshoot with me, I send you a client questionnaire to get a bit of information around the style you like best.

With that information I will pull outfits and props from my client closet that I think will suit the look you like. Then, at the beginning we will go over the shots and design of the shoot. I find this helps my clients feel confident in the look and end results of the photos.


The most important aspect that you can add to designing the photos of your dreams is making sure you bring the appropriate clothing items. For example, if you like the lighter colour palettes - you wouldn't want to bring dark clothing to the shoot.

Dark Clothing = Darker End results {Black Dress / Dark Jeans / Knits / Fabric Throws etc}

Lighter Colours = Lighter End Results {White Dress / Cream Shirt / Lighter Chinos / Pastels}

Brighter Colours = Brighter End Results {Red Dress / Brighter Blues / Bright Patterns etc}

I mainly suggest for results that won't date in 20 years time to select either the darker style or lighter style option for your shoot. In my 9 years of working at various Melbourne Studio Photography places I have seen it all and simple is ALWAYS best.


Once again the same principles apply. Keep It Simple and stick to the colour palette you love.

In terms of what to wear, it is really important when selecting your own outfit to take these into consideration.

  1. Does it wrinkle > Ditch it.

  2. Does it feel uncomfortable? > Change it.

  3. Is it too loose & makes you look bigger than you are? > Find something more fitted.

  4. Patterns? > Will date.

  5. Bright Nail Polish? > Take it off.

Try these:

  1. Swap loose blouses for a more fitted long sleeve top or dress

  2. Remove mens business shirts and replace with knitted cotton jersey or a solid plain polo or tshirt.

  3. Instead of busy patterns, go for texture. Linen / Knit / Organic Cotton / Lace / Simple Patterns etc.

  4. Change tight clothing that restricts movement with a simple neutral flowing maxi dress.

  5. Nude or no nail polish is best.

Talk to your local newborn photographer about what outfits they might have on offer. I have a few maternity photoshoot dresses that can still be worn by new mothers and I love to dress my clients up in a gorgeous fabric throw. Usually I will photograph your family photo in your outfits first, then a special one just for Mama.

If you have a sibling, I make these suggestions dependant on their age:

1-4 years both genders

Soft knitted pants or denim in your chosen colour palette with no shirt or a plain white fitted singlet. Neutral coloured knit overalls or onesie rompers are great.

Older Children

Flowy Dresses, Light jeans and a knit jumper, White long sleeve tshirts, Short sleeved light coloured button up shirts. Just choose the colour first then go with simplicity & texture.

4. Posing Design

You might have seen something on your photographers website that you absolutely love - this is awesome! You should definitely screenshot your favourite poses or looks and send them. For me, when I have this information I can plan our newborn and maternity photoshoot ahead of time.

If you see something outside of your photographers social media or website that you like - run it past them first. If it is a completely different style of photography to what your artist normally does they may not be able to execute the image. For example if you book a lifestyle photographer who has more documentary style, but you love the look of studio photography portraits it might not be a perfect fit.

Newborn Photography Baby In Mamas Arms
One Of My Most Requested Poses

5. Last Minute Preparations

Ok so you have your dream shots in mind, your style and colour pallette, clothing choices and some thought on posing all sorted.

One last thing I like to suggest to my mamas who book me for a studio newborn photography or pregnancy photoshoot is hair & makeup.

A Melbourne newborn photography session is something you may only do either once in a lifetime or if you are lucky twice or thrice. Get your hair nicely blow-waved before the session or treat yourself to a professional hair & makeup artist. You have just given birth! Life! You are a Goddess & deserve to look and feel your best.

My HMUA Renee is amazing at what she does and we have worked together for years. She will even come to your home with her kit - how glamorous is that!

Also, make sure your partner has had some pampering - beard trim / haircut or however you like them to look in the photos.

After all this you are prepared and can leave the Photoshop, lighting, flattering angle finding up to me.

It's my mission to create photos you love so much you plaster them everywhere! Trust me, when you have a great set of photos of your family - there is a real feeling of satisfaction that comes with it.

Love Always,

Sera x

Sera Williamson is a Melbourne based family photographer that specialises in maternity and newborn photography for first time parents.

She has been working as a professional Melbourne newborn and baby photographer for 9 years, in various studios and within her own business as an in-home baby photographer.

Sera has expanded her business recently, by opening her Point Cook Newborn Photography Studio recently, to service all the newborn babies expected after the Melbourne lockdown!

Sera travels for Newborn Photography and Maternity Photography and & is serving the Williams Landing, Yarraville, Williamstown, Newport, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Werribee, Truganina, Rockbank, Melton, Seaholme, Altona, Altona Meadows, Keilor and Sunshine areas and has been called the best Newborn Photographer West Melbourne.

To book or enquire about a Melbourne pregnancy photoshoot, In-home newborn photoshoot or come try out her new newborn photography studio in Point Cook please enquire here!

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