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Are Your photos suffering a bad case of "Missing-Mum-Itis?"

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

So, while out on one of our Covid walks, I was thinking about what photos I wanted to put into an album. But I realised there was one really important thing missing...ME!

Like most mums we are always behind the camera and for all the reasons in the world rarely make the effort to get in the photo with our family.

Now I could of just waited and put it all off sighting too much work or I'm not sure how to do it. But you know what? I really wanted to remember this crazy time we are all in. For once, my partner and my daughter..were actually with me. This was it! The time was now!

For the first time, your shoe, dear client was on my foot. I was able to experience what it was like to try and wrangle the family in one spot to coordinate outfits. This, is how I did it.

STEP ONE: Find your Vibe

As me and my partner were teenagers in the 90s, we are both pretty much stuck there. We love alternative rock, Garbage Pail Kid Cards and anything with a slight tinge of Bad-Assery!

STEP TWO: Your Outfit First

Once I had turned my entire wardrobe upside down I settled on Black tee, black dress over top, long socks and Doc Martens. CHECK! That's one down.


My daughter, I wanted her in black to match but with a more ethereal vibe as I wanted to take some beautiful images of her alone (See my recent Storyteller edit). Not much whimsical-ness in her wardrobe, so I pulled a chiffon maxi from my maternity photography outfit stash and one of my chiffon singlet tops. Throw in some hiking boots, BOOM! thats two.

My partner, after finally getting him out of #iso trackies and into skinny jeans would accompany my black theme, but with a bit more texture. A knitted jumper, black jeans, his black 8 up Docs & Oakley Frogskins we were ready to roll for tomorrow's walk.

STEP FOUR: Your Best Friend

Not your actual best friend. I meant your tripod. Don't have one? Then get online ahead of time and buy one with a camera mount (Usually a screw in type system) OR that have an attachment to clamp your iPhone etc into. Trust me, I have 28k followers on one of my Instagram accounts and this is the only way I can get good shots of myself that are insta- worthy. (And balancing on a rubbish bin / rock pile etc is really ineffective!)

EDIT: Search on Ebay iPhone Tripod Mount / Octopus Tripod Mount. Manfrotto is a good brand if you want something better quality, check out JB Hifi for that one.

STEP FIVE: Beep Beep Beep FLASH!

Your camera or mobile phone will have a self timer setting on it. If you are super Noob then put your DLSR to 'AUTO" then Select 'Self-Timer". Before pressing the button to engage the timer. Get everyone in place first and tell them if they move, dads on cooking duty for the next week. Leave a space for yourself to park in between everyone and make the mad dash to get in before the camera goes off. I like a 10 second delay and 10 photo shots per self timer. If I had it my way, Id probably like about 60 more shots though...

STEP SIX: Check Check Check it out!

Have flip through your precious photos and make sure everyone is in, and fix any weirdness going on. Repeat process a few more times and Voila! You finally have an ok-ish enough photo to send to your Mum stuck in iso on the other side of the city.

STEP SEVEN: Leave the dogs at home

Trust me, even as an experienced photographer with over 8 years experience this is not a plight for the faint-hearted.

STEP EIGHT: Treat Yourself.

Great job mumma! You should certainly pour a wine or a cuppa with extra chocolate biscuits for that one. I know it is a bit harder than it looks!

Here's a few shots I managed to get the other day to inspire you. I have actually trained my partner and daughter to take a photo too - I set it all up and show them where and how to pull the trigger. This is also a great way to get in the photo too mumma! Bribery works.

The other option, is to give me a call! I'm on standby waiting for your booking Mumma-Dear. Fingers crossed Family Shoots will be back in action end of October. xo

Love always, Sera xo

Fix your Missing-Mum-Itis! Send me a message and we can get you out of the viewfinder & into the view.


Sera Williamson is a Gold Coast based family photographer that specialises in maternity and newborn photography for first time parents.

She has been working as a professional newborn and baby photographer for 9 years, in various studios and within her own business as an in-home baby photographer.

Recently, Soul Mama Photography has relocated taking the popular in-home newborn photography to the Gold Coast Region - settling in the beautiful area of Paradise Point!

Sera travels for mobile Newborn Photography and Outdoor Maternity Photography and & is serving the entire Gold Coast area and has been called the best Newborn Photographer in Australia!

To book or enquire about a Gold Coast maternity photoshoot or In-home newborn photoshoot enquire here!

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